Paternity Matters Verifying fatherhood benefits more than the child

Establishing Paternity In Texas

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DNA Testing

A simple DNA test can confirm the father of a child, opening the door for custody or visitation rights. DNA test results are admissable as evidence in all Texas courts.

Benefits of Paternity

The Joy of Fatherhood
Living With Peace of Mind
Having A Relationship with Your Child
Assists with the Child's Medical Needs
Getting Financial Support from Other Parent
Knowing Your Family Tree Will continue
Establishes Parental Rights

Child Custody And Visitation

When you’re single or unmarried and have a child, you have the right to seek custody or at least regular visitation. The first step to do this is to prove that you are a biological parent. This may require DNA testing of the father and the child. Once paternity is confirmed, the custodial process can get complicated. Here are some of the possibilities that can develop.

An Agreement Is Best

If possible, an agreement between both parents can be made about the rights of each parent to have visitation and custody of all children between them. In many cases, this agreement will be filed with the local family court to ensure future compliance if the parents end up in a disagreement.

Assistance From The Court

If the parents cannot come to a mutual agreement, a judge can be petitioned by either parent for assistance. Although preference is generally given to the mother having primary custody, courts typically view it as best for the child if both parents are involved, unless there is strong evidence that one is unfit.

Legal Assistance To Protect Your Rights

It can be helpful to have your custody case reviewed by a Dallas family law attorney or a Waxahachie custody attorney so that you understand your rights and to get an agreement that is fair to both parties. In addition, an attorney’s help can ensure that your case is presented in a way that will be best received by your local court.

What's Best For The Child

The most important criterion when it comes to awarding child custody and visitation rights is to determine what is in the child’s best interest. Knowing your rights and how to put them forward appropriately will help your case get settled favorably.